Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Results + Thank you buttons

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This is to say a big thanks to all who voted. The votes have been counted and the results are in. Isn't that what they say in all those reality TV shows?

Anyway, the results are in again and this time we almost had a tie again. However, two people more want to move on with the story and hear what happened between Chinedu and Iphey. Could this really be love?

Our next contributor is ATALA WALA WALA. I know other contributors have their own blogs to run so SO will be coming in once in a while. And he's liking the story and wants to remain involved. So the next chapter of the story will be up by Friday latest. You can download a copy of the ebook on lulu now and remember, the first person to comment on the next chapter wins a free copy.

In the meantime, I wanted to appreciate all the contributors so far and all those who will contribute as time goes on. So we (you know who, but let me claim small too abeg) made this button. The recipients should check their emails for the code.

1. Atala Wala Wala
2. Fabulola
3. Isha
4. RealNaija Bloke
5. Cerebrally Busy

However I also wanted a button for everyone who had read, commented and voted on the story, to show you're also a big part of this. There are so many of you and you all know yourselves. Copy the picture below and link it to my blog. You can do this by saving the picture to your computer, adding a gadget for pictures on your template and putting my blog address on the URL area. Thanks again for contributing on my blog and I really appreciate you.