Monday, August 24, 2009

My thoughts on Love (Poem)

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I sometimes wondered how one felt when they're in love until it happened to me. Now in my blogville wonderings, I see the signs in some people's posts like Leggy and BSNC. Well what can I do but to share these thoughts. Maybe this will help those in a quandary of love.

Is this love?
When the heart beats faster
And the eyes are bright
When the laughter rings out
And the smile shines forth
When the cheeks are rosy red
And the skin all flushed
When the arms feel restless
And the limbs tremble and quiver

To feel weak and yet so strong
To know nothing and yet know all
To feel doomed and yet so blessed
To feel small and yet so big
To feel hungry and yet so full
To feel sad and yet so glad
To feel poor and yet so rich
To give and yet receive
Is this love?

PS...I will update on the story by Wednesday. Thanks for reading.