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Results + Update

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This is to say a big thanks to all who read and voted. The votes have been counted and the results are in. Again we almost had a tie however, with one more vote, we'll go on to hear from Bisi on what happens in the office. Does she tell Iphey she met Chinedu? What happened between them? Remember the first person to comment on the next chapter wins a free copy of my eBook "Love Happens" or you can download it on lulu.

Our next contributor is BUBBLES who I think is a great writer. She had a short story running on her blog recently. Check back by Tuesday latest to read what she writes for the next chapter. After that, we'll have the following two chapters from David and Leggy consecutively. The remaining list of people who have expressed interest in contributing is in no particular order below. Please let me know if you're still interested and if there are time frames that work better for you. Just send me an email mulan.mine atgmail dotcom with your contact/tweeter. Previous contributors are very welcome to write again too.

1. Omotee!
2. Tisha
3. Miss Natural
4. Afronuts
5. Miss Fab.
6. Neefemi
7. My world
8. Nita
9. G-func
10. Neo
11. Severus Snape

Meanwhile, if you've not gotten your button for everyone who had read, commented and voted on the story, you can still do so. Copy the picture below and link it to my blog. You can do this by saving the picture to your computer, adding a gadget for pictures on your template and putting my blog address on the URL area. I have seen it on some blogs in my rounds and want to say again, thank you all and I really appreciate you.


  1. myne! am i being ignored. i want to contribute too! i'll soon start a campaign o.

    plus im first, so who wants to butter me for a copy of the ebook since i already have mine????

  2. Sorry about that, will put you on the list sharpish, thanks for reminding me.

    And the eBook is only won on the chapters themselves and not my updates. LOL

  3. #muhahaha at neo :PPP butter ko, bread ni! lol

    sha sha...looking forward to bubbles' chapter :) i hope im first

  4. Definitely looking forward to Bubbles' Chapter.
    I am loving this

  5. ok we are waiting for the next chapter,i still top the comment list,loyal me

  6. omg myne!!! i am so lostt...whats going here....?..please gist me i want to write too!!..:)

  7. Looking forward to next chapter.

  8. Picked up the button.
    Waiting for the next installment!

  9. Myne,I sure am still interested.
    Actually startn a series on ma blog too.
    Would sure mail you.
    New on twitter so I'm yet to get da hang of it but would try contactn you ova dr too.

  10. So I'm not sure how this works, but will figure it out eventually. What's all this about a button? Off to read some more.

  11. Looking forward to Bubbles' Chapter.

  12. Looks like I've been missing o.

  13. @Myne, ok o. have put a temporary halt on my campaign.
    @cerebrally busy, i'm so sticking out my tongue at u right now!

  14. That's a long list men! I'll chill.

    This was such a good idea Myne, making blogville interactive.

  15. Looking forward to the next chapter!

  16. I'll wait for the next chapter maybe then I'll get a hang of things!

  17. @ myne, do you really think you’re a good writer? My favourite saying is that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Had you left “Guilty pleasures” alone then I would have left you alone to wallow in your shallowness. So you don’t like Guilty Pleasures, that’s your freaking business, it’s not anybody’s fault you’ve got bad taste. Or I suppose that with your diaspora acquired messiah complex, you think that you are right and the other thousands of people who have purchased copies in America or several Nigerians who flood Nigerian cinemas everyday to watch guilty pleasures are wrong? Have you read Joy Isi’s review?. You probably won’t understand it, it’s a bit too intelligent for your shallow mind. Everybody is doing their thing, what do you stand to gain by hating on others. This is not the way to make it, you went on nollywood forever, on Naija rules just to say how you hated Guilty pleasures, does that make sense even to you? Why don’t you save the energy, channel it into your writing, that way it may meet the standard of some small time publisher, because these your writings as they are, are unlikely to even get published on hints magazine. Do you really call these things you post creative writing? Even the worst Nollywood producer won’t produce it.
    I am a big fan of Emem Isong, I do not like Chico Ejiro’s works but it would stupid of to jump at every opportunity to say this. Does announcing how you hate guilty pleasure put food on your table?
    If you’re unsuccessful as a writer, is that the fault of Desmond and Emem and all the wonderful cast of GP. Why are you taking it out on them?
    Get a life, Myne. And leave people alone to live theirs.


  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Lookin forward to the next chapter as well...and plz dont mind Mr or Ms Anonymous are a wonderful writes and everyone is entitled to their own opinion!

  20. Hi Anonymous, you signed off as pro-Nollywood, I'm also pro-Nollywood, why else would I subscribe to Nollyforever, naijarules, and even more? Still doesn't mean I'll love all naija movies. Sorry to rile you up but that was my honest opinion of GP.

    Anyway if you know Emem, kudos to her. I think she's a very good writer and I'll watch her movies b4 others. Reason I watched GP in the first place. If you play in the industry, all the best to you too. Maybe we'll all work together one day. Tehehehe...

  21. I read the book and I loved it very much. And that Anonymous person is rather rude. Just saying.


  23. Abegoo, I am just here but what is all this war of words(just asking..curious).

    Anyway, will read the contribution from Bubbles 'morrow

  24. Hi Myne! Love what you're doing here as always, and you have the best comments and followers!

    You also get much respect from me for voicing your opinion, taking the heat for it, and even posting the heated remarks! And then keeping your cool about being dumped on!

    Love you!!


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