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Office Politics: Small small Bubbles

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Bisi was on her BB as she stepped out of the bank’s official car. Her last marketing call had been very successful indeed. She was smiling as she walked into the closed banking hall from the back entrance.

Iphey and Jane were at the front desk. “Welcome back.” Iphey greeted.

Bisi nodded. “Follow me,” she mouthed since she was still on the cell phone.

She walked into the marketing office which was empty, all her colleagues must have left for the day, and settled into her swivel chair. “I will see you once I get off here...ok bye bye.” She pressed the end call button and turned. Iphey was leaning on the door looking at her with a smile.

“Hey babes, I've told you to relax with me. Come and sit down, I have gist.”

Iphey walked over and took the seat opposite.

“I met your boyfriend…”

“Who are you talking about?” Iphey looked surprised.

“I met Chinedu in Silverbird last night. Fine hard working bobo like that. All he could talk about was you, his friend said he even left us to run to your side…”

“Oh, he’s not my boyfriend ooo abeg…”

“But wouldn’t you like him to be? Maybe if Funmi hears about you both, she'll know you left Ayo for her…”

“Shheshh. Don’t let anyone hear you say that. I told you about them in confidence.”

Bisi motioned of zipping her lips.

“I...” Iphey moved forward but the ringing intercom cut her off.

“Hold on.” Bisi picked it up, listened for a bit and hung up. “Jane said she needs you back, she wants to leave soon.”

“OK, let’s talk tomorrow.” Iphey stood up and left the office.

Bisi tidied up her desk, put all the necessary documents in a black folder and slammed it shut. She shrugged into her dark purple blazer, and re-applied her lip gloss. She smacked her lips and walked down the corridor around the corner. On the right stood a beige door, she knocked twice.

"Come in."

Bisi walked in with a smile on her face. “Oga mi…” She walked towards the table.

“I’ve told you to stop calling me that. Wetin sef?”

“Ahn ahn, Funmi calm down jo! Body too dey pepper you.” Bisi huffed and crossed her arms in annoyance.

The head of operations backed down. “Ok, ok sorry! But I don’t know when you’re being sarcastic with the Oga thing.”

“I just dey hail you. I know that when the time comes, you will help me just like Ayo gave you a double promotion.” Bisi uncrossed her arms and sat down.

“You can trust me on that. Did Alhaji give you the account?”

Bisi took off her blazer and leaned forward with excitement. “Yes now, don’t you know me again?” She waggled her eyebrows. “Who can resist this?” She bent low till her pendant was hanging in the exposed cleavage.

Funmi laughed. “No forget say na me give you the connections and 411.”

“I fit?” Bisi sat back and placed the black folder on the desk between then. “He said we should expect turnover of at least five hundred million a month…”

“Wow, with this, you’ll soon be head of marketing and I’ll be branch manager.” Funmi jumped to her feet and came around to hug her.

“So you want to displace your former lover?” Bisi laughed.

Funmi leaned on the corner of the table. “Don’t mind that stupid randy goat. He wants to push me over because of small small girls. Did Iphey tell you anything else?”

“She said she'll hook him to displace you, and is still bad mouthing you sha..."

"I will show her..." Funmi shook her head and bit a nail.

Bisi laughed. "Listen to new gist first. I went out during the weekend and met this guy…”

“Where did you go sef? I hope it wasn’t that razz place in Silverbird?" Funmi interrupted, eyeing her with disdain.

“The place is not razz jo! Please let me finish my story now?”

“Ok, ok continue.”

“As I was saying, I met this guy who asked me if I knew Iphey. He wants her. I don’t know how or where she met him but she is one lucky girl, he is very handsome.”

“How is that my concern?”

“Don't you want her to date him and leave Ayo for you?”

Funmi pursed her lips. “Hmmm...that one is her business o. Imagine, less than three months and she wants to pull weight with me. Ayo or no Ayo, she has to leave this branch if not the bank. I can’t stand her.”

Bisi got up and faced Funmi. “So Ayo is not getting back with you?”

Funmi sucked her teeth, “So he says but I’m still working on him…”

“That fool! Maybe you should just forget about him.”

“We shall see.”

“Ok o! I have to go now. I’m meeting Alhaji.” She put on her blazer.

“Alright, full gist tomorrow?”

Bisi nodded and tapped her folder. “Abeg get the small small girls to open the account. You can add more mistakes to bounce on their head as usual.”

"I need the ammo to show that small girl pepper."

They both laughed as Bisi walked out.


That's it folks and remember to vote on the left sidebar for more. Office politics are so like high school drama, some people like to stir wahala up. This contribution from BUBBLES reminds me of a post on her blog. LWKMD when I read it...

"Ok my first high school...

I would take a girl's uniform/house wears from her room and put it in another girl's closet in like room 20. Then I would take the clothes from the girl in room 20 and put in another girl's closet in like room 1. These girls will wake up the next morning tryna figure were the fuck their uniforms went?! I took ALL of their uniforms! I didn't even leave a shirt. nope...

I would switch people's books. I was in JSS1B. I would take books from 1B and put it in people's lockers in like SS2A. Like I showed them PEPPER! I would take people's school bags and throw them outside. Only if these people pissed me off tho! I didn't just do things randomly...


  1. *clearing throat with much difficulty*
    This suspense wan kill me oo, cannot wait for the next part. Well written Bubbles! :)

  2. Ehem can I still WIN!!!!



  4. This is getting more and more interesting, good work BUBBLES.
    Off to vote!

  5. Na so the amebos dey cause wahala? Chai! u will just be wondering where you have gone wrong without knowing dat the silly person u call ur friend is back bitting u.

    Bisi's scheme will catch-up on her.

    Good job bubbles.

  6. Very soon I'll be the first and win my e-book.....i'm trying....i'm the sixth right now...hehe

    I love this bubbles...small small girls...chai!

  7. I trust my girl Bubbles naw! Always keeping somebody in suspense! And the story was even mischievous like her.

  8. this is really nice Bubbles! the poll...i see we all want to know more about iphey and chinedu.

  9. Haba... haven't we already heard enough of I&C? Let's hear small from Aisha, now...

  10. Thanks guys,

    @Lady X and Azazel, you think this is mischievous or crazy? You should have seen the original, LOL. Bubbles is talented sha, great imagination...

  11. nice...
    i like the twist in the story
    very "girl like"

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Bubbles!
    Naizee one!
    me loves!

  13. LMAO
    MYNE is right!
    the original one was crazy!

  14. Nice one ...loving the continuality o ...lololol

  15. Wow... I can't believe I am just discovering this blog... I think the phrase "living under a rock" comes to mind. I love love love the idea of this e-book... I'm definitely hooked now (if my repetition of the word love hadn't already conveyed that sentiment, lol).

  16. This is soo like bubbles,even without knowing she wrote it i'll say its
    Well written dear.

  17. Hehehe,I cant believe that amebo Bisi did that o, but then again, office politics!
    Great work,Bubbles.

  18. I just knew that Bisi couldn't be trusted! can you imagine?

    Really nice Bubbles. It is getting more interesting!

  19. i so knew bisi would turn out to be a b****. Hiss.

    *patiently waiting for the next installment*

  20. Good job Bubbles!!!!

    Can't wait for the next post..the office drama is gettin juicy!!!

  21. Good Job bubbles! But the way you wrote from a bank chic POV..hmm I suspect you oo!! I kid I kid!

  22. crazy u bubbles. nice continuity.

  23. Blessings,
    HOpe all is well with you and you are being kind to yourself.

    Interesting story, Bisi is busy doing what she feel she must however karma is a bit*h.

    very nice, keep writing. Have a fabulous weekend.

  24. Thanks all,

    @Rhapsody, it is a def a mutha! LOL

  25. Nice one and at your high school parol,very funny

  26. nicely written, love the twist about bisi.

  27. hi...myne...its so good to see ur comments on my blog...u r flourishing with a bang....keep writing these posts....can u explain me that story of eagle of mine...???

  28. nice one Bubbles!!!! who would have thought that bisi was a parasitic mosquito!! well done, lol

  29. nice bubbles wrote this? im impressed.

  30. Nice one Bubbles
    Office drama is sooo like high school trouble or maybe its the babes that never change
    lol at 'i showed them pepper'
    infact lwkm

  31. this is really good! look fwd to readin more. its crazy how this actually really happens! hmm

  32. office politics can be crazy..and some friends r never what they seem. Bisi is such a snake

    great work, Bubbles..this angle too is juicy.

  33. Liked the post. Will be reading more of ur entire blog soon. And thanks for dropping by at my blog too. Appreciate it lots.

  34. Really good Bubbles. I liked your twist to the story. Simple, short and effective!

  35. Love the twist...No be small thing o! Small small girls sosai! lol

    Sequel! Sequel! Sequel!

  36. oh man...that Bisi is a two-timing....I like where this is going! Can't wait to see the next installment.

    I still don't see where to it too late?

  37. The votes are closed now Puregoldlady, but will be up with the next chapter. Thanks for following and commenting.


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