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The game takes a turn David

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Iphey got home early from work and dressed to go to her sister’s house. She had had a fair enough day but wasn’t to be pushed…she was almost at her limit.

Her mom had been in Lagos for the past couple of weeks. Though she was staying with Ngozi to help take care of Obi, her presence still weighed heavy on Iphey. The bright side was that her nephew had been released from the hospital two days ago. They had all been surprised, considering his still weakened condition but the doctors said he was stable and would bounce back faster at home.

“Mum, how can you have a party for Ngozi and Obi? Shouldn’t they be resting and besides, how come I'm just finding out about the party?” Iphey recalled her conversation with her mum just last night.

“My daugther, I’m sorry but seeing as you are a very busy lady, I didn’t want to stress you more than you are. I know the few times you could come to the hospital. This is also my send off, I'm returning to Port Harcourt on Sunday.”

That was the only excuse she got from her mom. An excuse that raised suspicions that didn’t sit well in her stomach. Though her attempts to find out who the other guests were from her mom seemed futile, she was so relieved her mum was finally leaving that she let it slide. Her mum had visited her office twice and she'd also caught her going through her phone. Iphey was beginning to feel like a third wheel with her colleagues and friends where her mum was concerned.

Oh well, she didn't want to overdress so she wore a pink, light sweater on a faded, deep blue jeans and a black, sleeveless leather jacket over that. She wore no make-up that evening. Looking into the mirror to make sure that her curves were not too pronounced, she stepped out of her apartment.


Chinedu parked his car on the street his heart beating a little bit faster. He had taken a chance to accept the invitation from Iphey's mother. He and her daughter had not spoken in nearly a week. Aisha had asked what he did since Iphey didn't want to talk about him though she had tried several times to find out what was happening. He was of half a mind to give up but something told him not to.

He had never had it this difficult with a girl. He had the looks, the money, and the charisma. She was different…he suspected that she was not swayed by frivolities but was more interested in his personality. If so, he’ll take things slow.

He walked into the house and saw other guests that had been invited, holding drinks and making conversation. He scanned for Habib but first found Aisha and her husband in a corner of the room with the lady who most definitely made his heart stop. ONLY ONE WOMAN MADE HIM FEEL THIS WAY! He took charge of him emotions, mustered a bland expression and walked up to them. Before he got there something unexpected happened.

A tall, well dressed man joined the group, greeted them and hugged Iphey with familiarity. Even Chinedu couldn’t deny that this new man was very attractive and he looked like he’s got money as well. He felt a stab in his chest and his face betrayed his cool demeanor. He was full of jealousy in a way he had never been, especially as the stranger's hand was still resting on her hips.

“It’s not that she’s my lady but I know I can’t stand her with another man..." A voice broke into his thoughts. It was Habib, "Why you stand here, come on…”

Chinedu walked with him to say a very brief hi to everyone. He saw an expression of guilt on Iphey’s face…this made him a little happy. He walked away after a muttered excuse to get a drink.

“Chinedu, Chinedu…hold on. Stop! Please…”, Ipey called out. She had left the man she was with and came after him. He smiled.

He turned around so suddenly that she ran into him and almost fell. He caught her on impulse and held her close. His heart raced and seemed to beat twice as fast. He looked into her eyes as the adrenaline pumped through his veins…and drowned in the beauty before him. A thousand years could have passed and he would not have traded that moment for anything. He stood there oblivious to his surroundings and wondered what was going on in her head. He wanted to know.

Without warning, she kissed him, For a second, he thought he was dreaming, only to realise that it was for real. She hugged him and kissed him on the cheek but he remained tense and unyielding. Although he wanted nothing more than to fold her close he still smarted from the jealousy she had stirred in him. He pulled away and watched as she looked at him in disbelief.

“What was that about?” he asked.

“I wanted to say welcome and thanks for coming…” He could see she was embarrassed by his aloofness and didn’t know what to say. She followed the direction of his gaze and gripped his arm. "I know what you're thinking but trust me, he's not...”

Cutting her short, “What does that have to do with me? Why should I care? At least you’ve made it clear that you want nothing to do with an ex-armed robber. Now I know why you refused to hear the circumstances that led me down that path..."

"Chinedu please..."

He smiled without mirth, "Well I came on your mother's invitation, so I’ll go greet her and your sister and be out of here…let's just say my eyes are now opened.”

With that…he walked away, leaving her transfixed and at loss of what just happened.


That is it folks. I have to say that this is another post I really loved. Now vote for the next chapter on the left side bar. Our contributor is DAVID.This is an excerpt from the last entry on his blog;

Well, I'm not really scared to love...I'm the kind of person who gives it all when he loves someone who loves him back but until then, I'm pretty much not accessible.

Of! Contrary to the belief that I'm not human or that I do not have a heart, I do. DANG!!! IT HURT LIKE CRAZY AND I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO FEEL IT AGAIN...but the irony is that, the pain makes you appreciate LOVE on a whole different level.

Go over and show him some love on his 50th blog post and answers to reader's questions. Our next contributor is Leggy, I can't wait for the explanation to this.


  1. Oh yeah, sure! Just leave a sister hanging at the best part! *fumes in frustration*
    I absolutely loved this, the twists were crazy, the suspense is so intense! And that kiss, damn!!!!
    Great work y'all, lovin' it.

  2. damn you lol...i was supposed to be first and get my free ebook :)

  3. Nice one David...real nice one. The tables have been turned on Ify, she deserves it anyhow lol...absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well done

  4. errm was it just me, but i felt the characters were out of character, why did iphey just kiss him and why would he be so upset like that?

    good one tho, like the fact that there's a new guy in the picture, who is he?

  5. WTF!

    Why the rush? Could've continued with the pace and still achieved the suspense part.

    Now you done gone spoil the suspense.

  6. i loved the fact that chinedu got upset but i didnt think the circumstances surrounding his anger made sense, i mean she left the guy and came to kiss you, doesnt that show she has nothing to do with the guy?
    anyway sha, i still loved the writing.

  7. ok first, i dont get NIMMO's comment.

    second, while i'm glad that iphey is getting her comeuppance, i dont think she deserved his wrath, hey she kissed him didnt she??

    thirdly, i could just tell that this piece was David's! well done boo! thumbs up to you :)

  8. I suspected this would happen......I am so glad that its this way cos truly no matter how much you want it other emotions must come into play........Chinedu finally acted like a man I recognize.
    Nice work,David..

  9. ah ah
    this is unfair
    but i wonder why iphey will kiss him after been aloof all these while
    am crossing ma fingas

  10. i love how Chinedu thinks
    African man
    Ive got the looks n the money
    okay Myne i wanna be the first to say this
    shud this e-story catch the eye of a producer (am sure it will)

    that kiss lol
    nice work david :)

  11. there were one thousand and one ways to turn the tables on ify,but not by him getting angry because she did something that his body,mind and soul obviously wanted;its jes like you been asking your boss for a raise and then he promotes you and you go home sulking. Love errything else apart from the anger directed at the kiss

  12. UGH!
    DAVID WHY?!!!
    I knew you were going to do this!
    why did you make Chinedu a douche bag!!!
    i hate you!

    i liked the story sha

    i still hate you!

  13. I really loved the story. Nice work david.

  14. Thanks for the comments, remember to vote for the next chapter. LOL

    I liked the story, I forgave Chinedu cos I know love can make us do illogical things sometimes. And I'm waiting to see how Leggy will spin this.

    Hi Leggy!

  15. wow!!!!...I wonder who the other guy is!!!

  16. Nice one david!
    It serves iphey right,guess he was pretending to be angry so he would see her reactions,anyway waiting for the next chapter.

  17. wow!...i think chinedu made a good move ryt there...
    serzly, iphy has been to aloof to him..
    i think i wuda done the same thing if i were him!

  18. He didnt really walk out did he? Is bobo crazy? Just when the fish lands his net he is no longer fishing. pshew!

    More more! I dont do suspence well. lol!

  19. wow...great job david...chinedu put a little twist there...tryna play mind games on its her doing the chase not the other way around?

  20. Nice post David, loved the twist at the end, i'm sure chinedu's anger is simply pretence. She can't ve it that easy lol.

  21. Nice post.

    I wish Chinedu would have given a better response to the kiss though

  22. @Cerebral: Read again.

    1...He was full of jealousy in a way he had never been, especially as the stranger's hand was still resting on her hips (waist?).

    2.) ... His heart raced and seemed to beat twice as fast. He looked into her eyes as the adrenaline pumped through his veins…and drowned in the beauty before him. A thousand years could have passed and he would not have traded that moment for anything. He stood there oblivious to his surroundings and wondered what was going on in her head....

    Without warning, she kissed him ...

    And then ...????

  23. David u fuck up my broda..
    Like fuck up.. Why u gone finish it like this ehn? Lmao .. I loved it.

  24. NIMMO, I think the suspense is still there. OK, she kissed him so we know what she may be thinking but what about his response? That's another hook right there, why the aloofness? He's been doing the chasing all along abi? I sure want to read more.

  25. thanks for your comments but lemme
    do a little explanation...
    being a girl who probably has
    feelings for chinedu, iphey kissed
    him so that she wouldn't lose her
    chance with him (there was another
    guy)and he may have faked being angry...
    did that make sense? LOL!!!

    Thanks for the opportunity myne :)

  26. Why just a kiss now! There should have been slight "brushing"

  27. Chinedu's story is getting juicer by the moment


    Really would have loved to publish via my blog, but l have to fulfil my promise, just 1 more post, am off blogging for the rest of the year. Just hang in there, we would do so in the New Year. Hugs!

  28. Ok I loved it oh..but ehn David I have ONE question....


    lool as in..sleeveless leather jacket ke?
    Nna bros u no try

  29. The new year is very OK der, the tour continues till Jan 31, 2010.

  30. I with @neo!! What an about-face here! I actually thought the party scene would end up a dream sequence.

    Iphey didn't show any interest and in the lead-in, no hint of even having thought of Chinedu.

    It is an interesting twist, though. Like "choose your own adventure."

    Unpredictable - can't knock that :-)

    Now let's hear more about this tall, handsome man. ;)

  31. Mr Romantic o - i loved it jare, very nice it makes it so much easier for the next person to start....good job

  32. CHINEDU!
    Can't a girl ever win?
    Just give her a break.
    Nice suspense though. So what's the walking away all about?
    Iphey hang in there, he'll be back begging.

    Nice one David

  33. Chinedu just put her on a long tin. lol.

    Whats up with the new dude though...hmm suspense. Leggy, over to you. I'm loving this.

  34. I'm counting on Chinedu's anger being a feigned one o! otherwise I'd say it's so uncool of him!

    nice work!

  35. dang. chinu really dismissed Iphey...hopefully it's just shakara....looking forward to leggy's...

    I spent most of my day today catching up on the posts i missed and i'm glad i"ve caught up. so i can vote...wee...haha...

  36. Thanks Shade, saw your comment on my book too, I appreciate that.

  37. Okay lemme say good work, David...I like the spin
    But a few things...
    Why guyman like chinedu dey gush all 'romantically' like dat? Lol
    iphey shouldn't have kissed him...totally out of xter. She coulda been extra nice n flirtatious sef but the kiss was off.
    I get chinedus vexation was fake but he over did it go...he's lucky I'm not Iphey cos oti goes be dat lol

    Like I said good job on the spin sha...let's she how Iphey handles this...
    Chei see mini blogging

  38. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?
    Daaaaaaaaaavid! What just happened? You cant just stop like tha!! lol I like it though, i like a lot. Keeps it interesting. Excited to read Leggy's, trust her to deliver.

  39. Kai!!!! David I'm so suing you..Ah why did you end it at the juicest part? Hope your lawyer went to havard... :P

  40. Good work David, I like the whole twist thing going on...keeps my imaginations running. Thanks Myne saw ur interview on Muyiwa's....great!

  41. I agree with Repressed One - Iphey kissing him is totally out of character. It seems desperate to me, but desperate is what some girls do lol. Also, big no-no on that outfit my brother. Jeans and PINK sweater AND leather jacket to a party? A banker babe like Iphey would've done better jo!

    Nevertheless, I love this spin. Totally didn't see it coming and adds a whole new dimension to this storyline. Good job, David with the sexy voice. Lol


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