Monday, November 23, 2009

Update + To the one I love (Poem)

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This is to confirm that our next contributor is Realnaijabloke. He's going to be writing from Chinedu's point of view. Was he really an armed robber or was it a joke? Will he call Iphey again or did she fail the test? Check back tomorrow to read and vote for the next chapter. Remember, the first to comment on it will win an ebook. If you're no good at stalking but you want the book, head over to LULU and download your copy now! Mynewhitman's Storefront

While we wait, enjoy the poem. TO THE ONE I LOVE

I love to drink and dine
And I’ll love to feed you fine
I love to dance in line
And I’ll love to make you mine
I love the number nine
And I’ll not see you pine

I love any joke funny
And I’ll make your life sunny
I love an exciting journey
And I’ll love to call you honey
I love but it's not for money
And I’ll love to make you bonnie

I love a good story well told
And I'll love your virtues extolled
I love to see two lovers old
And I'll love to give you a ring of gold
I love you to have and to hold
And I'll love you till my bones are cold


  1. How come I can be first now, but when its time to win the book I can't make it! I love the poem though and can't wait to read naijablokes's entry! So excited

  2. I'll love you till my bones grow cold. Amen to that!
    me sef wan love..well ..not rlly.

  3. Thanks all..

    @Fabulola, what do you mean, "not really?"

  4. waiting for the next chapter

  5. the poetry pieces are the way i like them... short and full of weight...i'm way behind on the story again!

  6. cant wait for the next chapter, maybe i'll be first again, will u give me another Or i can claim the spot against future giveaways!

  7. Loving the rhyme scheme!

  8. Nice poem,,waiting for new chapter.

  9. I really love the flow of this poem..looking forward to more

  10. Thanks all, I really appreciate your words. The next chapter should be ready by tomorrow morning.

  11. Beautiful poem, loving the rhyme scheme. Any chace of joining the love posse? lol

  12. This poem is meant for the one you love. That means, it is addressed to your SO. I no fit comment but abeg love him even after the gold ring. Lol

  13. have not seen this. would love to be a contributor, just tell me the criteria and whats necessary

  14. i'm so way d poem

  15. eish you must reaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllly loooove!!

  16. Very nice poem - I enjoyed reading it! I have subscribed to your blog...:)

  17. lol I love that you love and the way you show you love. beautiful poem!

  18. I love the poem especially the last part "I'll love you till my bones are cold"

    Did you write it?

  19. Yeah Miss Fizzy, I wrote the poem. ll the ones on this website are written by me. Thanks for the nice comments.


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