Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sweet things you do to me. (Poem)

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Sweet things you do to me
You make me feel so fine
In the press of a mobbing crowd
The way you look into my face
And hold on to my hand

Sweet things you do to me
You treat me like I’m a queen
The most important thing to you
You do all in your power
To see that I’m always happy

Sweet things you do to me
You point out those things
That you know I love to see
You cause me to smile at you
And make me laugh out loud

Sweet things you do to me
You show a real sense of depth
In times of pain and sorrow
Which I cherish as much as
Your arms of comfort around me

Sweet things you do to me
You can spin the silliest jokes
Just to tease and thrill me
Your warm and tender smile
Is a lighthouse in the storm

Oh! Sweet things you do to me
For in this ever–changing world
Long as you're always near
Most sweet is your love for me
It always sees me through


  1. Sweet things you do to me
    You write good poetry

  2. myne,,,this makes me think of my hubby...But girl you are good with words.

  3. omo u r trying to use love to kill me abi - don't mind me i'm just jealous - nicely done

  4. Aww this was so cute! I like! :)

  5. Very well written. Sweet things...

  6. OMGoodness!!

    you just made me miss him so much more(he's out of town)

    this is so deep and full of feeling..
    sweet things you do to me!!

  7. Awww Myne, this is so sweet, u've just described bubbly.
    u just know how to put words together!

  8. When (read:if) i get married, girl,you are gonna hook me up some killer vows coz wow, thats an amazing poem!

  9. Oh sweet things!

    I absoultely love this.

  10. oh i miss the sweet things he does to me

  11. sweet smile ..this sweet poem puts on me face...

  12. You've done it again, beautiful piece. I must confess i'm in need of those sweet things, it's been a long while, distance sucks :-(

  13. first of all, i saw my name in your list of top commenters. yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    secondly, your poem makes me want to sing that psquare song

    e get as e day do me do me do me
    the sweet things you do for me. na wa oh. it's sweet!

    got your reply. could have reviewd the second chapter 2day but have bin a bit busy, i'd send it tomorrow.

  14. aww, warm fuzzy feelings washing over me!

  15. Thank you all so much. You can call me ms mushy, that's sappy me. LOL.

    Have a fabulous week, people.

  16. It's so beautiful! I'm sorry I don't comment much on here but I do greatly enjoy your work. I'll do better because I do appreciate all the comments you shower me with! Be blessed.

  17. You just wan make me fall in love hope that someday soon my queen will by rhymin and jammin like you and sayin all these sweet things about

    Good one my sis..your ink will never go dry!

  18. Thanks Chymere, I think your blog rocks.

    @Trybes abeg do quick and fall jare. Thanks and Amen ooo

  19. sweet things is how I feel when I read what you write lol. how corny. I love this poem, there's a light hearted depth to it that makes it stand out in my eyes.

  20. The little things that bring the smiles, do not leave love far behind. You captured them so simply, truthfully, and sincerely. Gems.

  21. na wa have to tell us about this bobo that is making you write all these poems.

  22. I might take a verse or two of 'sweet things' lol and use it on my hubby, lol. No worries, if I do, you will get the credit.

  23. A great post for a get well YNC, love love this. Thanks for the get well wishes, I am back to blogging. Hope all is going great,love this sweet post.

  24. Oh, I never saw this page! I've seen another page under your blogger name! I'm sorry, I've missed so much here! My goodness! the poems are incredible!!
    Thank you!


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