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She asked didn't she? Real Naijabloke

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Chinedu stood there staring as Iphey’s taxi sped off. It wasn’t hard to figure out what went wrong with the date. Why had he blurted out that he was an armed robber? That was certainly what made Iphey’s attitude change.

The next day he called his friend Habib, Aisha’s brother, as he walked to his car after work. Habib picked up after the 6th ring.

“Hey Habib, what’s cracking with you and where you at?”

“Hey ‘Nedu, am good. What’s the deal?” Habib answered grudgingly.

“Dude what you up to over there ‘cos you sound like you kina busy or something.” Chinedu asked.

“Nothing much dude, just doing some overdue laundry over here at the moment, but I can talk” chimed Habib.

“Anyway dude I had an incident with your sister’s friend yesterday, the one that she setup with me for the blind date? I think I might have spooked her.”

“What happened” Habib asked.

“Well, we were just rambling, you know trying to know each other. She insisted I talk about myself, so I thought why not? You remember I told you about the crazy things I did when younger, the stuff with the street gangs that almost destroyed my life. Well I told her that I used to be an armed robber, which isn’t far from the truth really. Shey you get my drift?“

“What did she do?” Habib chuckled.

“I think she got the wrong impression. She ended the date before I could go into details or say any other thing.”

“You sef, how you go talk that kain thing? Of course she ran away!”

“Well…” Chinedu stuttered. “She asked didn’t she?”

“U don kolo sha! You like the girl abi na to move on be this?” Habib queried.

“Well it seems like there might be some potential there…”

“Then you need to apologize and in a big way too. Chicks like that sort of thing, like flowers saying you are sorry…”

“But dude, did I do anything wrong?”

“Then call her and say you were just trying to make conversation.” Habib suggested.

“Ok. Fine. I will think of something but I’ll wait till Aisha gets back to me. She was the one that arranged this so I’m sure Iphey will tell her how it happened and she’ll come blasting me.”

“If you say so…” Habib concurred. “In the mean time, we go still see tomorrow night?

“I’ll meet you at the SWE bar by 10pm if that’s OK.”

Habib was already on his second bottle of Gulder when Chinedu walked in the next day.

“My guy why you dey always late?” Habib queried him.

“I like to move by night, thought you already knew that?” Chinedu joked and both of them laughed it off.

“Yea back to my wahala, Aisha still hasn't called.” Chinedu started after his drink was served. “And I kind of felt a connection between me and Iphey. Just talked to her for an hour and I felt something I have not felt in a while. It was like we had known each other for a long time and were just catching up. Well…until I decided to yield to her and opened my big mouth.”

“I have told you that honesty will get you nowhere dude but you no dey listen.” Habib spat out.

“Well you know most people I meet get to hear my life story one way or the other, so this time I decided to bring it up before Iphey hears it somewhere else. Especially because I feel I might have a relationship with her, a very personal one...”

“I don’t like this kain lovey dovey gist,” Habib joked. “Abeg make we change topic… ”

“My guy this one serious oo.” Chinedu laughed before he obliged.

They hung out again the next day and went to Cubes lounge inside the Silverbird Galleria to meet up with a couple of their friends. Kunle and Jide were already there with three ladies and Kunle introduced them. Immediately, one of the ladies started paying a lot of attention to Habib who whispered that she would make a nice laundry. Chinedu shrugged but was not really interested. His mind was caught in a loop of Iphey and why Aisha had not called. He knew Habib would not appreciate him raising the topic here with the new girls so he decided to snap out of it.

“So Bisi what do you do?” Chinedu asked one of the other ladies.

“Oh I work for Diamond bank as an account reconciliation protocol officer” Bisi replied.

“Hmm...with all those titles you must be the biggest shot in that bank.” Chinedu teased even as he thought; another diamond banker again.

“Don’t let those titles fool you o! I’m one of the smallest fishes.” Bisi replied.

Chinedu couldn’t stop himself. “Hey I have a friend that works for Diamond bank, her name is Iphey, what branch are you in?”

Bisi straightened up when she heard the uncommon name. It must be the same her new colleague who had acted strange at the meeting today. Where had Iphey met this guy? She was the nice but quiet type and judging by his friends, Chinedu was the opposite. Bisi sat forward with a smile.


That's it folks, remember to vote for the chapter you want to see next on the right side bar. So who is REALNAIJABLOKE? I think he's also in 'team bad boys'. He replied a meme on his blog so;

Have You Ever Stolen Anything: Hmmmmmm ....... who hasn't?
Been Drunk Before Noon: College days was crazy is all i could say!
Had Sex In A Public Place: Hmmmmmmmm......
Got Caught Telling A Lie: Who Hasn’t?
Been Arrested: Got To The Station and was let go 'cos it was mistaken identity.
Littered: Story....tell me you've not.
Fantasized About A Co-Worker: Omo HR fit dey read this arena
Cheated On A Test: Well ...depends on what you call spying cheating?


  1. *Doin the igbo dance* i cant believe i'm getting the ebook :D

    Ok back to business,it was a nice read,good job Realnaijabloke...i just hope iphey will give chinedu a chance.

    I cant find the voting poll.

  2. i liked this, liked the conversation.a typical nigerian boy talk.


  4. I love the ending... veryyyy leading and plenty of potential for the next writer. Good job!

    Oya o where/what are we voting on I don't see the poll...

  5. I did NOT like the repetition of 'dude'

    The conversation flowed nicely.
    you clearly wrote like a Naija guy, which is good I guess.

    you need to transition better tho

    otherwise *thumbs up*

  6. yay! I love stories told from different perspectives.
    This one has a lot of that extra oomph! you know? Obviously written by a true player at heart lol
    *wink at real naijabloke*

  7. Chinedu needs to get on e-harmony mehn..

    Nicely done.. great length for a quick read too....

  8. very nicely done

    thumbs up to rnb

    very quick but interesting read.

  9. This had me really cracking up mehn! I guess cos it's seemed so real. I like a lot! and good job Naijabloke.

  10. @Fragilelooks:You have no idea what it took me to get that space,sorry next

  11. Sorry people, I was distracted. The poll is up now and you can vote for the next chapter.

    @Shorty, congrats on winning the eBook. Please send me your email at mulan.mine atgmail dotcom.

  12. hahahahahaha! Nice one!
    Oya RNB u owe me jor!

  13. Okay, I am wayyyyy too sleepy to read right now.

    Babe, were you serious about your book? I mean discounting it for the Verastic readers/listeners? Let me know. I'm putting it all together right now, so get back to me ASAP.

    Be be back later to read.

    Bloke wrote this, huh? I need to call him and give him a phone slap --- just for the heck of it.

  14. this is such an awesome deal.. so many people writing from different points of view..

    well done, bloke..

  15. That was such a good read from ym yoruba husband!!! I like this story very very much!

  16. Owwwwwww............... ended too quickly, just when things started to heat up (sob, sob)

    Good job RnB.

  17. I really enjoyed this. Will there be a follow up?

  18. me likey
    lol @ akabagucci's comment

  19. Thanks all,

    @Life of a stranger, yeah there'll be follow up.

  20. Really liked this one.

    i haven't been arrested b4? wonder what it feels like :)

  21. I definitely loved this lol.
    real naija bloke is on point. About 2 hit his blog now

  22. loved it. myne whitman this ur idea is really GENIUS! well done realnaijabloke

  23. nice one RNB. interesting twist with Bisi...a lot cld happen from there.

  24. it ended at the beginning of the interesting part,we are waiting for the next chapter

  25. Thanks all, remember to vote for the next chapter.

  26. i'm waiting for the sequel...

    @ Realnaijabloke,

  27. like this chapter of the story i am trying to catch up though.


  28. Chichi, you can try using the archives. Any entry titled "LLLL". Thanks for your comments.

  29. I need to catch up with this. I just discovered your blog. Well done!

  30. I just keep coming back to read more.
    Keep up the good work

  31. Ewooo see small world I like the twist at the end.

    Who's up next?

  32. Nice one, LOL @ armed robber.
    Abeg what does it mean to make a nice laundry? LOL
    I like this idea of having contributors, Ms. Myne. Very nice.

  33. Original Mgbeke, wouldn't you just like to know. LOL, something to wash now, what else?

  34. Awww...Chinedu is sprung!...9ice!!!

  35. The lines in this story are beginning to cross. Getting more interesting.

    Bisi has just been thrown into the mix.

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