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A little piece of me (2)

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1) Is the weather really always that nice or are those just good days:
Most of the pictures were taken on bright and sunny days some as recent as last week. The weather in Seattle can be very fickle and temperamental. Summer was fantastic, over a month with no rain. Sunny skies but not run-out-screaming hot, except on two or so occasions. Now we’re in fall, it’s dry one minute and wet the next. It rains even when the sun is out. LOL, and it rains almost every other day.

2) As a writer, does all the art in the city inspire you or you don’t actively think about it:
I don’t actively think about it. I love going to museums and art events but more to relax. What inspires my writing about the city is the sense of serenity. There are trees all over the place and beaches when the weather is nicer. These are the things that get my muse in the right mood.

3) Who is your favourite author?
I love various authors and cannot narrow it down. The names that stick are; M&B, Cartland, Rivers, Sheldon, Ludlum, Uris, Grisham, and Critchton. And in Africa; Pacestters, AWS, Nwapa, Emecheta, Ekwensi, and Achebe. Recently I read more by how I like the preview or reviews of a book than who wrote it. However, I always try to buy a Nigerian author each time I shop.

4) How did you decide to self-publish your book?
I sent out the manuscript to about three publishers, but I always knew I might go the self publishing route. I’m not the literary author type that is more acceptable to mainstream publishers and the genre publishers may not be comfortable with the Nigerian setting. However, I wanted people to read my story and hope it leads to bigger things. I also own the rights and if a good offer comes in later, I will accept.

5) How long have you lived in Seattle? I have lived here for going on a year now.

6) What are the pros and cons of living there?
One big pro of course was being able to join SO, LOL. OK, Seattle is a slow paced city which I prefer and the weather is manageable. It’s close to the Canada border and to California so easier to visit these places (I like travelling). The cons are that the weather can get depressing at times. It is three hours behind the rest of the country time-wise and 8hrs behind naija and UK, making it harder to call friends and family. It is also far from the South, Midwest and East coast, and very far from naija with more expensive flights.

7) What did you study in college?
I studied Applied Biology for my first and Public Health Research for Masters. So what am I doing writing? Search me…LOL, the research comes in useful sha.

8) Are you a writer for real?
Who is a real writer? LOL...well I’ve been writing since I was little. I did sciences all through and still kept on writing. Now it is my 9 – 5 and hopefully more people are reading me now and will be reading in future. I’ll be very fulfilled when the first book is out in print I can tell you.

9) Other than writing, what else do you enjoying doing?
I watch a lot of TV and movies, listen to music, and chat with friends. I enjoy the outdoors with good weather and a long hike somewhere; beach, wood park, walking and hill climbing. I also love travelling, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. Of course reading is the easiest and cheapest way of doing this and some of my best days are curled up with a book while it’s rain-drenched outside.

10) I always wonder how you manage to sit and write an entire story without throwing your laptop out the window. I have a big issue with over-editing my stuff.
It’s both a fault and a blessing. I cannot tell a short story unless I’m forced to. So it’s something I enjoy, writing long stories about people in my imagination. Now that I’ve made it my 9-5, you don see my life finish. LOL. I edit a lot while writing so that at the end it’s minimal. Still I appreciate fresh eyes to help me proof and then I force myself to move to the next project. “A heart to Mend” took me about 6months.

>>>>>That’s it my friends, some questions were answered in the previous comments. The details for those that want to contribute will be ready tomorrow with the first installment and poll. Thanks again…


  1. ok this time i am first o, firrrrsttttttttt, off to read!

  2. Myne(Nkem), I am highly impressed with ur writing. I never knew u wrote (though I can't say I know u very well even after 3yrs). I have signed-in to start blogging and will be following your blogs (Still navigating my way though).

  3. Niiice, it is nice to finally get to know a lil more about the woman behind the poems and stories. Yeah man, that West Coast time difference is a killer. One of my tight tight friends lives there and I always have to schedule a good time to catch her.
    Ahhh interesting major, why was I half expecting you to say Engrish or Creative writing? LOL.

  4. Lol mmhm..
    Myne this is good lol. Very very nice..

  5. Thanks for sharing a deeper insight about yourself, really enjoyed reading it all. I noticed you did not mention the hubby part o, still waiting for the married part update.

  6. @CB, congrats LOL

    @Beauty, I know you. Thanks for following.

    @Original, I tell you, it's a big con. If we move, it will be one of the reasons.

    @Azazel, you got it. Thanks

    @YNB, check my replies to the comments in the previous post. I don't want it to be on the front page. Thanks.

  7. yaaay! thanks for the answers! i feel you on the west coast time thing...i live in california so i can relate! and the tickets to naija? freakin ridiculous! and yes we want to hear about SO :)

  8. awww...i love reading those answers ...too bad I wasn't able to give my questions ...now I feel like I know u .....(yea right!)...lol u write so well I wanna be like u when I grow up..*wink* ....lol and yes I finally see the video ...love the pics...u look really happy ....

  9. awww...i love reading those answers ...too bad I wasn't able to give my questions ...now I feel like I know u .....(yea right!)...lol u write so well I wanna be like u when I grow up..*wink* ....lol and yes I finally see the video ...love the pics...u look really happy ....

  10. Maybe i should interview u on my blog personally, Nice one in seattle,hoping to be there one day to see the paparazzi

  11. This is really really cool... I think I should do something like this...

  12. hv got a lot of catching up to do.
    I shall be back! lol

    hope ur good hunie??

    Very interesting stuff about you tho. and yea, i hate the time difference.
    After visiting the east coast this summer, the 3 hrs thing became more of an issue for me than it had already been.

    Good nite


  13. really Nice!
    I had no idea you were married.

  14. not fair...didn't see the video or the pics, you need to put up the video again.

    actually prefer the 8 hour time difference to Naija. i can call folks in naija when i get back from work. when you're in the east coast, the time doesn't work cos you're 5 hours behind them. by the time you get home like 10 PM, your naija folks are in bed.

    seattle - when i ask folks to describe the city, they simply say - it's always raining.

  15. Yeah! Finding a traditional publisher can be such a hassle especially now during this recession they'll be less likely to accept anyone! You could try going through a literary agent but those ones too have their own long line of people waiting. They send rejection letters like no man's business! After I got my first three I said ok it's enough let me recover a bit! Self Publishing is definitely the way to go! That way when the recession blows over you could like get a publicity agent!
    Sorry for the mini paragraph I'm just happy for you!

  16. Thanks for answering my questions your highness...

  17. Thanks all,

    @Lady X, you got that right. I'll keep my options open.

    @Andrea, you're welcome. LOL

  18. i love cyprian ekwensi myself.
    as a young girl, his stories thrilled me.

  19. i love cyprian ekwensi myself.
    as a young girl, his stories thrilled me.

  20. Wow...you are so totally inspiring. I think writers are just the most awesomest ppl...being able to take me as i read and insert me in a different world in my mind...pure awesomeness!!

  21. I'm looking forward to more of these...and your SO blogposts as well

    I wish you lots of success with the publishing.. you are all rooting for you

  22. Ah I cant believe I didn't get to see the video. Nice to get to know more about you though.

    Ps when are you coming to visit us in Canada now? lol

  23. Taymee, next year for sure. Depends where you are. LOL

  24. Its great to get to know you a little bit more. Love Achebe, Sheldon and Grisham. Reading your blog is very inspiring, keep up the good work

  25. Its def lovely to get to knw u and i love u realness and wanting to share a part of u! thanks for ur comments on my blog as well.
    Stay blessed!

  26. I love Achebe...I just re-read Arrow Of God. I also enjoy Soyinka, Aidoo and Armah.

  27. I love Achebe...I just re-read Arrow Of God. I also enjoy Soyinka, Aidoo and Armah.

  28. Thanks Mola and Bri, I appreciate.

  29. Ah, ok, i'm still smarting from my inability to ask a question seeing as i'm mega late and all..so i'l just ask maybe next time u answer questions,you'll do mine..

    yeah,i can wait cos i'm really curious as to how your blogger name 'Myne Whitman' came about..

    And hmmm, can't wait for him to come hold forte..


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