Saturday, November 28, 2009

Results are in + Update

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The results are in and we're expecting a story from Iphey's POV where she is having a conversation with her mother and Chinedu as well. Our next contributor is CEREBRALLY BUSY aka Fabulous Scribbles.

You can download a copy of the ebook on lulu now and remember, the first person to comment on the next chapter wins a free copy.

Also, my website is ready and I have begun to invite the first readers which will include those who have contributed so far. To increase your chances of being invited, join and comment on the Myne Whitman page on facebook. You can follow me on twitter too. Buttons are on the right side bar.

A reminder to those who have not voted, the poll is still up on the left side bar. Get involved and decide the next chapter of the story.

So some more people want to contribute or get involved in the story. The interactive follows the adventures of 25 year old Iphey who just recently started a job as a banker in Lagos. Romance or mystery, thriller or action, it can all be here! Anyone can contribute and as the story continues, everyone can vote for the next chapter.

The guidelines for contributors are as follows…(may be amended as things progress):

-Contributors can introduce new characters whose stories can fit into the plot.
-Keep chapters consistent with previous entries along the chosen story line.
-No abrupt changes unless the chapter explains the reason for it.
-This blog is not restricted so while love scenes are allowed, keep everything PG13.
-Chapter submissions should be between 500 and 750 words.
-I will try to keep changes to submissions to a minimum, but reserve the right to edit as necessary. I will try to carry the authors along in this.
-There will be two chapters a week; two days for voting and same for a contributor to get a story ready.
-Contributors will be acknowledged on their chapter and linked with a small excerpt from their blog.
-Send in expressions of interest to contribute in the comments or to my email from my profile page and I will let you know when it's your turn.
-There will be no compulsion at all. Even when you can't meet up with your turn to submit, another person can always fill in.
-If you write something but it is not yet your turn, send it in, the more the merrier.
-Finally, everyone please vote and let’s have fun, cheers.

Thank you all.


  1. first!!!!!!!!!
    i joined ur facebook fanpage....
    i love that u are taking more steps with ur writing dream....
    u are a wonderful writer....
    ur contributors are also really good.
    hope i can contribute someday when i have time... :)
    hope u had a great thanksgiving!!

  2. comment today :) joined ur fanpage

  3. Wait u know am slow Myne..But where is ur fb page? Did u post it?

  4. I'm yet to join your fun page, but i will do that soon. Looking forward to the next chapters, i think it's great you allow such contributions, from different minds.

  5. hey Myne,ok,i ve joined your fanpage on FB now and which website are you talking about again?we are waiting for the next chapter

  6. Kai, I really love that you're opening the book to possible "co-authors" It'll definitely make for an interesting read!

  7. this is really nice!
    I already saw your facebook page
    i'll join in a minute

  8. Nice girl....
    Wud love to contribute as well!

  9. Let the games (of writing abi na contribution) begin!

  10. Just joined your facebook page. Waiting for next chapter.

  11. cant join your facebook page but ill be here reading everything and will contribute when i can.

  12. This is such a good idea. I wish I could join in.

  13. hey myne u didnt reply my do i get the story across to you??

  14. CB, my email is mulan.mine at gmail.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. Wow I do enjoy your writing style as well and I will be reading alot of your other posts, my question is, how did you get your domain to look like this? I want to also have my website looking similar to yours.

  17. I enjoy your writing ,


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