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Let's tell a story...

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Hey people, so the time to tell a story together has come. This would be an interactive story, the plot of which is to be decided by both the writers and the readers. Romance or mystery, thriller or action, it can all be here!

The guidelines are as follows… I may change, add or remove as things progress, and as needed:

-Contributors can introduce new characters whose stories can fit into the plot.
-Keep chapters consistent with previous entries along the chosen story line.
-No abrupt changes unless the chapter explains the reason for it.
-This blog is not restricted so while love scenes are allowed, no graphic descriptions please.
-For each chapter ending, there is a minimum of two and maximum of five lead offs.
-Chapter submissions should be between 750 and 1000 words.
-I will try to keep changes to submitted chapters to a minimum, but reserve the right to edit as necessary.
-There will be two chapters a week; two days for voting and same for a contributor to get a story ready.
-Contributors will be acknowledged on their chapter and linked to their blog.
-Send in expressions of interest to contribute in the comments or to my email from my profile page. I already have Fabulola and Omotee! Thanks girls.
-Please vote and let’s have fun, cheers.

Thank you all.

Myne Whitman.


The Story Begins...

She got back from work that day sweating heavily and knew she was going to be very late for her date. It had been a hot and humid day and she had been caught in the rush hour traffic returning home from the office. She now rushed about her apartment like a headless chicken putting her stuff together for the date when her phone rang.

"Hello?" She panted struggling into a deep purple skirt.

"Hello, my daughter is that you?" It was her mum's voice.

"Yes mum, it's me." she replied with a bitten off, "who else could be answering my phone?" under her breath.

"I just heard from your sister. Her son is in crisis again and they are at the hospital."

Her heart sank and the wind was knocked out of her sails. She had thought this was one of those her mum's infrequent marriage badgering calls. The sister her mum mentioned was her elder sister who had a 6 years old asthmatic son. He had often got this sort of crises during this period but it had seemed to subside in the past year. However, this was the second within the same month this year.

"Mum, I have to go out this evening and I’m already running late. I'll call her when I get back and give you feedback later OK?”

"That's fine, talk to you later dear. Take care of yourself and be careful"

Yes mum," she replied as she pressed the end button.

She wanted to continue getting ready but the “be careful” from her mum got her thinking of the stormy events at the office today.


To start with, we have three separate polls so readers can choose the name of our heroine, the setting and the next storyline. Vote and get involved.

Romance or mystery, thriller or action, you determine what goes on!


  1. ah, I settled in to really read this story well, only to now learn its a teaser.

    No fair =)

    Great idea about the community storytelling project. I'm no fiction writer but can't wait to see what it becomes. I know it will be fun!

  2. wait a sec...I was first somewhere?


    na wa oh! If i wasn't feeling like crap I would do a jig =)

  3. lol to madame sydelle lol...yeah im upset to find out the main action is coming next week. I wanna see how the blogville community story project unfolds. wherever i can fit in i shall place myself :)

  4. as i read, i was already thinking..omg so she ends up going to the dinner and then something bad happens to her or her sister's son dies...or something happens to her mum...or she dishes her sis for the date and then the guy never shows up lol...

    to many things in my head and none were answered! thanks lol. but i will vote now. waiting to read rest.

  5. And the story continues....I already voted.

  6. amazing. you've definitely got my support.

  7. u have my support
    i cant wait infact

  8. yay.. bring it on..... but can each post be self-contained? find it difficult with keeping up with the ones that span multiple posts... just me.. great idea!

  9. OHHH Im excited! How do we know? When do we begin?
    Will u let us know?

    I ask too many questions shey?

  10. Idk why I feel that Tigeress would fit right in with this Myne..
    I just feel that u and Tigeress could write a story together that would be smoking hot.

  11. Ok first time here so hello Myne. And I totally agree with Danny make the story self contained.

    Now I gotta maze around your blog and get clearer gist of what's up :).

  12. I'd like to be a contributor, but I'm not on the internet as much as I should be... :(

    I kinda agree with Bagucci, but a very well written story will keep people coming back. I guess it's something to think about? Or maybe it can be a series of shorts that span a maximum of five pieces. Or something like that. There's more control that way.

    What dyu think?

  13. me me meeeeeee i want to contribute pick me pleaseeeeeee!!!!

  14. 'graphics' what do you mean? Images or graphic descriptions?

    This is tempting...should I opt in? long a chapter are we to write when we do this?

  15. nice. i hope you are still doing this when i finally finish my tests.

  16. yay! I think I'm going to enjoy doing this.
    I already Voted!

  17. Nice but i'm sorry i cant contribute i'm not a good writer but i love reading what people write.

  18. wow... can't wait to see how this turns out... i think it's a fabulous idea... I'll try and pitch in if I can...

  19. this is going to be very interesting! i've voted already.
    cant wait to see how the story will unfold.

    good job.

  20. I loved it and really would have loved to contribute save that I'm in the worst fix of my life; my schedule is killing.
    Anyways, you've got my full support. Full support!

  21. Ok ,lets go there,we are waiting ,voted already

  22. All up for it!
    Just voted too.
    You were going to bribe me. Sorry for my late respponse but is your offer still on? :D

  23. ok, I've voted...but like SSD said, this isn't fair...just as I was settling in to enjoy a really nice story, I find it's a teaser...aaarrrggghhh! lol...

  24. Interesting! Just interesting!

  25. Waiting for the story o ... I could contribute o ..its just time jere ..

  26. u such a tease...

    waiting on the full story...

  27. got an award for you!


  28. nice nice!...cant wait to see how the story will flow

  29. imma be waiting, seems like a good idea - and once i know what my schedule is like imma see about contributing

  30. lol @solomonsydelle. Anyways this should be interesting, let it roll.
    Very interesting blog. Good example of "Tribes"

  31. Interesting idea.

    I've vote. Let's see where it goes...

  32. Yay! Can't wait to see the rest of the story...

  33. The story sounds like something from Hints or one of such magazines but keep writing, I guess you'll get better.

  34. Anonymous, thanks. You're welcome to contribute too.

  35. u've got talent- i look forward to reading more.

  36. lets see where it goes

  37. i voted for Aisha. This looks like it will be fun. :-D
    I guess Alta Wala Wala is SO? LOL, funny name.

  38. LOL, Original, that's the one. Thanks for voting, the story is coming up soon.

  39. Yay! for the story. Keep em coming


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