Monday, November 16, 2009

Do you live in Nigeria?

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And more specifically in Abuja and environs? The above is a flyer for a home makeover show created through a company run by my sister and friends. The company is Klasik Nigeria Ltd and it is billed as Dress My Home They also sell and deliver high quality fabric sofas in most parts of the country.

For enquiries, please call any of the following lines from Nigeria or add the codes as necessary. 07025032642, 07028380777, 07027851480.

Tell them Myne Whitman sent you. They'll be distributing my book when it lands in naija too.


  1. not in AbJ :(
    but i dont understand the 'only 2500' part ohhh

  2. yeah..i'm first...does the flexible calabar dance..woo hoo

    and yes..Naija based too..only not in Abj or its environs but since i've got quite a number of people there, will certainly be sending this out..

    can i share on fb too?

  3. sweetness,like seriously..i was already dancing ekó

    this is an example of how distracting kids can be,u'l be surprised to know when i started typing that comment..


  4. Sounds good...will check it out

  5. @All, Please share as much as possible. As in all things, all publicity is good publicity.

    @Sweetness, the ticket to take part in the raffle is 2500. The winner of the raffle will have a room of their choice redecorated.

    @Histreasure, thank you very plenty.

  6. myne i'm so sorry for what im about to do, really i am

  7. i am leaving your blog in peace...

  8. ahh i just realized i didnt make a comment about the real post *dodges myne's slap* i know i know im sorryyyy...but is it only for abuja-ians??? how about lagosians?? my mom would love a white sofa...*myne slaps my ass* ouch myne!!!! ok ok im going ahhh, cant a sister spam in peace???

  9. So you ve acquired your distribution channel already,thats great

  10. I'll pass it along! Maybe we should use twitter to disseminate the info!

  11. Why do Nigerian reality shows require you to pay to be on them? aren't they supposed to be free? It's a good concept though... the show I mean.

  12. In this particular case, they don't have as much sponsorship as they would have liked. Thanks for the comments...


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