Sunday, February 14, 2010

You're my Poem (Poem)

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It's been a while I shared one of my romantic poems so enjoy...

Your face brings forth the lyrics
Written on the pages of my heart
It is the only one I see
When I search on the inside of me
The brightness of your eyes
Is like the sky after the rain
Their color is the limpid golden brown
Of a newly minted penny
In pride of place is that noble nose
Not retrousse like mine
But rivalling those of a Nubian prince
Your smile is like an invitation
Stretched across the clouds
And like the multi-hued rainbow
I know there's gold at the end of that road
Maybe not as prominent as Barack's
But your ears do the job and more
You hear my every word and make them count
Your laughter is a promise, oh yes!
Of never-ending benevolence
The softness of your kisses
Reminds of lips made of spun silk
Your skin also is a lure and temptation
The incomparable sheen makes my touch
Want to come back now and again
Your bold shape renders me speechless
And just as Eve couldn’t resist in Eden
Truly neither can I
So it’s the truth when I say
You are my poem


  1. Hi Myne,
    I'm so happy I won!!!!
    I'm sending an email to you right now. Thank you.
    Purple streak and barefeet, you guys tried too (in the spirit of the winter olympics hehehe)

  2. agh ok o.. this yori yori thing still strong.. good one..


  4. I like the poem. Congrats Adenike.


    LOL NIKE happy for u jare was nice ur poem can see it happenin as Myne said ...on the other hand peeps dont think im hating oo all that protesting and campaignin to win was all a farce i already have the book altho not im quite satisfied with the fact that someone else won it..cos if i had i wuda given it to someone else...
    i guess i just wanted the title as winner..but hey i see y reality won over fantasy..and im sure some1 will borrow the idea for their proposal..if u do make u send me money for my bank acc to add to the trip money to gibraltar!

    nice one Myne did u get my mail sent it to ur inbox..

  6. Thank you all.

    @Barefeet, I already replied to your email, check you inbox or spam.

  7. I can see the Blogville queen of romantic poems is at it again. Tasty.


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