Monday, October 26, 2009

Thanks and Giveaways

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My blogsville family, thank you all once again for the great wishes you left on my birthday post. I really appreciate it. Those that asked about the template. I got it from YummyLolly blogspot and it's called 'Change me'. My SO helped me to customize it to the colors I wanted and to move the previous blog. He's a real darling.

Now to the giveaways. Do you want to be the first to read the complete Edward and Gladys story? Please leave an Expression of interest with your comments. The first five people who express interest and are in my top twenty commenters will have the chance to read for free. The only thing I will request is that they point out any typos or inconsistencies in the story and send me back a reviewed document. The story is about 180 pages and still in word document.

What does this mean? It means the story is complete. YAYYYY!!!! I have polished and re-polished with the help of my my writing group, my dearest SO, and another wonderful blogger who took an interest early on. I now need fresh eyes to check it out. I have decided to publish the book myself and hope to send it to the publishers (AuthorHouse) by the end of the week. If all goes well, it will be in print by Christmas. Those who prefer an e-book will be able to buy that by mid November.

I will keep publishing excerpts of the novel until the e-book is ready. Then I'll move to the next story I have been thinking about. I'm excited by all this and hope you are too. I remain loyal and thanks again for all the feedback I got in the last three months that have helped me in polishing up the story. When the book is ready, the top three commenters will get free copies of the novel. Those that said they want to see it in print and will buy, please stand by ooo. LOL

Please keep reading and commenting. Thank you all...


  1. Wait am sorry u actually ehn expect me as a Nigerian to pay money to buy novel?
    When Limewire still dey? Lmao haha e no fit happen my new hitman.. Not in this day and age. Piracy is alive and well lol..
    I AM JOKING HUN!!!..
    I express an interest in the book o. Ebook to be exact.

  2. forgot to say Happy Birthday! would love to buy a print version of the book when its out! keep us updated amd best of luck :)

  3. Hey!! Happy Birthday!! I am late!!! huhuhu!!! Nevertheless, I am blessign you with LOve, MOre Love.. and MOre more LOVE!!! :) May God's favor be upon you. Thank you so much Myne for always dropping by my blog and for the generous comments you leave. You dont know how those comments encourage me. I wish you well on your book. I may have a hard time geting a copy.. but I will. Hey, its not everyday that I can read a book written but somebody I know.. at least, on blogville. hehehe !!!Sending you my Love!!!

  4. Happy birthday again dear, hope u had fun - Scorpios rock - yes o, i want to read it and even if i am not a top 20 commenter - i' a fast reader and i hate typos so i will be sure to point them out - so let me know - tk cr

  5. i want it too.
    its been so long i read a nigerian story.please i want the book.

  6. Awww I'm late, Happy birthday!! I hope you had a lot of fun. I didn't really start reading you're book from the beginning so I wouldn't know much :(

    I can't wait for it to be published though so I can grab a copy :)

  7. Interest dey oh! Also happy happy birthday to the best commenter on blogsville.

  8. Ok u can easily hire me as your PR when the book is out ,i am good at it


    Pls pls pls I av been sooo lost!
    I want to read the whole 'tory..

    pwetty pweazeeeeeeeeeeeee

  10. completely interested girl...

  11. Happy Belated Birthday dear..
    ...wishing you God's blessings now & always..

    Yay! Congratulations.
    I'm interested for sure!

  12. Yup...definitely am. Your writing's stellar.

    Congrats on finishing the book...

  13. Oh, well done. I will look out for the novel when it's out. I know it will be super. Well done, again. How long is it?

  14. I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to read

  15. Happy belated birthday!

    Congrats on completing the book. Wish you all the best with the editing and publishing.

    Hope you're doing well.

  16. Congrats on the completion of the book...thats great news!!

    i'm so happy for you..
    well,since i'm neither in top 20 commenters or top 5, i'l just have to wait till you publish but it's exciting..

    and i wish you all the best!

  17. I cant bliv I missed your bday........but then again you didnt send ma cake!
    Happy belated,sweety and congrats on finishn d book.........
    I so feel d new template!

  18. Congrats on the completion of the book....cant wait to read it....

  19. Happy belated. Congrats on the novel, it's an accomplishment. The story is so interesting and different. I wish u all the best with the book.

  20. Yay..finally the book is going to be out ....happy belated birthday jere ...Hope I get to read the book too o...

  21. Hey thank you all, again. For the birthday wishes and about the book and template.

    For those who have expressed interest, I will come back before the end of the day to list the winners and ask for your email addys so I can send it over to you.

    Cheers all.

  22. Oooh I totally missed out on being top 5. *sniffs*
    Happy belated Birthday Ms. Myne, you have been a very welcome addition to blogsville. I wish you many many more years.
    PS:- Totally loving the new template. Your SO rocks!

  23. Oh gosh, better late then never. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Celebrate the whole month!
    Congratulation!!! Wow, this is an exciting time and I'm so happy for you. Your book will do very well. From the entries I read, you are an excellent writer. Keep the passion of it burning. May God bless you with many more years and many mores stories for us to enjoy and read!
    I appreciate all of your support and love that you have given me. You have my back like crazy! I love you for that too. How do you keep up? lol For real, it means a lot, thanks again!

  24. OHHHHHHHHHHH yay!!!! good on you..publish it and good luck with everything ...I'm INTERESTED!!!! lol..can't wait to read it if possible and can't wait for the next story too...

  25. I express an interest but I am so so late. However, I am an editor and I can read your book in exchange for editorial work (free of charge)...we can discuss my resume on the back-end, let me know.

  26. I express an interest but I am so so late. However, I am an editor and I can read your book in exchange for editorial work (free of charge)...we can discuss my resume on the back-end, let me know.

  27. Afrolivehealthy, thanks for the interest. I'll let you know.

  28. awww mayne!!! I just saw this post!! Oh well, I'll be buying the book in Decemeber then!'ll be worth in, Congrats in advance...I pray that it'll be a smooth process for you...

  29. happy belated birthdae!
    i'm interested in the book oh...reli...i wld sooo buy it!x

  30. Oh wow. I'm really impressed by everything on here!! Def looking forward to reading more. Maybe I can get a sit-down insight into your bookwriting and publishing process ;)


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