Monday, October 5, 2009

I want you to need me (Poem)

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A poem I wrote sometime ago for someone special. Trybes asked for some more of my poems so this is it. Hope you all enjoy and tell me what you think...

I want you to need me
Like the air you breathe
I want you to feel me
In everything you do

I want you to love me
And tell me I’m the only one
I want to be the face you see
When you close your eyes

I want to be the touch
You need every single day
I want to be the eyes
That looks deep into your soul

I want to be the part of you
You just can’t live without
I want to be your world
Be everything you ask for

I want to be your reality
Whatever this means and takes
I want to be your fantasy
Be let into your innermost wishes

I want to be your woman
And satisfy your every desire
I want you to need me
Need me like I need you


  1. Oh, this reminds me of a Celine Dion song that I love. Your someone special is very lucky indeed! :)

  2. This is a cry that proceeds straight from the heart. I can imagine the feeling. On the other hand, it definitely hurts when you care so much about someone and somehow that person just doesn't seem to feel the slightest thing for you. I guess love is best enjoyed when it is two-sided. Nice poem here, Myne. It's bound to hit someone somewhere. Somehow, people need to be more sensitive about the feelings of others and reciprocate accordingly.

  3. i stole this from my heart....this is beautiful

  4. @ GNG, we share the same taste in music. CD actually inspired this.

    @ Geebee, you're absolutely correct. "...To love and be loved in return"

    @ neefemi, thank you so much.

  5. drip raw emotion.. beautifully done... i should try my hands on something less dark for a change..

  6. Oooh special someone. Wink wink*
    Great stuff.

  7. reminds of the saying " I want you to want me" How nice. Must be beautiful abi? loving someone and being loved back

  8. @ Bagucci, I never could write dark to save my life. My muse dries up on that side. Don't know why.

    @ Blogoratti, Thanks

    @Nice Anon, Yes ooo, thanks for your kind comments.

  9. Reminds me of this song by one of my favourite bands 'Letters to Cleo' it's called 'I want you to want me'

    Nice poem. Edward should write it for Gladys!

  10. omydaiz i dint comment yet! kai! so y did i run and read it.
    Me like

  11. Well written,but no one to send this one to,lol

  12. "I want you to need me,Need me like I need you"..

    Such a beautiful poem..Like to echo one of Blogoratti's comment on one of my poems where he said LOVE can be written in a million and one way..This is true for this poem and like Geebee rightly observed,it is or can only be sweet when it is reciprocated and not a one way street..

    Good job Myne..You should do this more often..

  13. A wonderfully simple ballad. Yes, Myne, you are a writer! And as I read this poem, I was arrested by the transferred feelings running wild through it. The Persona says "I want you to need me" and uses such passionate imagery of need and hunger. And yet, your instinct tells you irresistibly that it is really the Persona who needs the other person. And then the very last line of the very last verse reveals it - "Need me like I need you". Very simple words really, but breathing with a powerful life of their own. Right from the first line, your poem promised internal consistency and integrity. Therefore, the end came as no surprise. As a poet (somewhat) myself and a student of poetry, I am really impressed.

  14. Thanks all for reading, I really appreciate your comments so please keep them coming.

    @ Nana, your comprehensive feedback is so welcome. I never did any literature all the help I get is appreciated. Thank you.

  15. this is really good...can feel the emotion... n love the very last line..cos at d end of d day, it hurts wen u realize that ur emotions are only one sided.. very eloquent expression.


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