Saturday, October 10, 2009

I want to...(Poem)

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I want to make you happy
All the days of our life
I want to see you smiling
As I say something nice
I want to satisfy your heart
With every blessing in the world

I want to save your pride
And mend your broken heart
I want to make you forget
That you were ever sad
I want to give you all
That you had ever wanted

I want to bring out the best
That you have inside of you
If only you will let me
I’ll never ever go away
Cos the greatest thing I want
Is just to be with you


  1. Nice, warm ballad, without getting mushy.

  2. aww this is so sweet
    i need someone to dedicate smthn this nice to me
    i like!

  3. Myne-lady, hope dis poem isn't wasted. Oya, spill already - who is it for?? :)

  4. Myne, is this for your own personal Edward lol! it's sweet

  5. nice!!!
    i like how genuine it sounds....

  6. Thanks guys, this was written and dedicated to my SO, my own personal Eddy, LOL. So Kay9, it was not wasted.

  7. "If only you will let me,I’ll never ever go away"

    Beautiful and explicit words from the heart..

  8. I love this, very beautiful. Your SO is a very lucky man o. :-)

  9. I want to save your pride
    And mend your broken heart
    I want to make you forget
    That you were ever sad...

    For some reason, i like this part. Also the fact that the words used are everyday words, things that everyone can relate with...its not complicated or abstract

  10. Thanks all, I appreciate your comments.

    @Jhazmyn, I'm your everyday poet and writer. Thanks.

    @ Muyiwa, why no comment? LOL

  11. I want someone to write a poem like this for me :(
    Me likey

  12. awwwwah!! This is really nice..
    Like Jhazmyn said, you use everyday words yet everything has so much meaning... Good Job:)

  13. uhm, Myne, this is my 1st time of commenting on ur blog...I usually just read n move on, but this is sooooo.....nice...very touching...I don't know much about poetry, but weldone.

  14. awww..
    this is so sweet..

  15. what i call it..

    i like how it encapsulates the urge to give and give and give that envelopes you when you fall in love..

  16. Thanks for all your wonderful comments.

  17. Hmm...heartfelt eh?
    (making allusion to ur last post...Could it be that you are falling in love?)

    Reminds me of Ella Fitgerald's "..I want to be happy, but I cant be happy till I make you happy too.."

  18. Loooovely. In a perfect world both halves of every couple would be striving for this.

  19. Myne is this for me, you shouldnt have.....
    I am sure is for your hubby. Very Sweet...

  20. This is a beautiful poem. I like the flow of the poem and how each line connects to the next. it was well written, in such a way that anyone can understand. kudos


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