Monday, November 16, 2009

Giveaways + Poem

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Fabulola: So I have just confirmed from Fabulola. She is giving us the next chapter of the story by Thursday morning. The votes say most people want to know what happens between Iphey and her Boss Funmi.

Giveaway: And since the e-version of my book is almost ready, the first bloggers to comment on the next three chapters will get free copies of the ebook. So keep your eyes peeled. And if you've not updated your blog list, do so now. Goodluck.

While we wait, enjoy the short poem.


Is it a feeling or an action?
Is it to love or to be in love?
Can one do without love?
A cool love or a fast love?
Which is the better love?
Why do we even love?
When does love start?
Where does love end?
Have you ever loved?
How will you describe love?


  1. foooooorrrrrssssttttt

    haha my stalking did not go unrewarded!!!!!! heheheheeee

    ok now fabulolaaaa i cant wait!!!

    see you later!

  2. You got the idea CB, keep it up and thanks.

  3. ebook huh? I am on the look out for that.

  4. the short poem is nice. but wat is love?

  5. i already have that shey?i wanted to send you back the one you sent me but my laptop broke down,;((

  6. I got so excited about being the second person to comment that I forgot to say anything. To me Love is a choice, one which you make on a daily basis in your speech, actions and thoughts.

  7. Love makes the world goes around like as money does.

  8. its like someons is trying to take my place on your blog by leaving so many comments,i aint here for competition

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. @Nice Anon, the ebook is ready. Check on my sidebar to buy.

    @Mike, I do not have the answer to that, LOL.

    @Leggy, that was the second draft. It's been finalised now with cover and everything.

    @MBLS, nice description of love there, but is that it?

    @Muyiwa, I'll need more than one distributor. LOL about comments. I appreciate yours really please keep them coming.

  11. i am wondering the same thing - which is exactly what my post from yday was trying to say - i hope i soon figure it out

  12. How am I supposed to win anything when all of them keep commenting before me! It's not fair o!

  13. ...more grease to Fabulo-la's elbow.

    I like this poem a lot.
    It really makes one think deep..

  14. Love is not what it is, and Love is what it is not.

  15. Still dont know where i fit in but i will be waitin cuz this does sound interestin .. ends when there are no more butterflies..Lol

    How have you been? been a minute..

  16. Hmm.. What is love.. the eternal question.

    Not really good at blog stalking but.. gonna try for this one.

  17. That's a good challenge right there. I'll do my best!

  18. What is love?
    Baby don't hurt me
    Don't hurt me
    No more

    Even Haddaway asked that question years ago. It's a tough one tho.

    Yay for fabulola!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Yea what is love?

    Interesting,there is going to be a big competition here,but would try my best.

  21. Love is tacky...way too tacky..
    Im yet to get right what it actually

  22. I want the e-book please.. please let me know when you are about to post.. lool! I dont know what love means, please when you find out let me know ya?

  23. Stalkerazzing finally now has rewards!

    Let the Stalkers get in line.
    This is gonna be fun

  24. Wait!

    Was that a poem or an exam?

    I had started answering the questions in my head.

    I can't stalk, so I will wait ...

  25. @Gaytekeeper, Love just is...I like that.

    @NIMMO, so where are your answers? LOL

  26. hmmm,the stalking no go de
    it's all good though..we de here.

    love is diverse in meaning as the people who claim to feel it but i would say God is love and true love is the totality of the law.

    if our love flows from His then we'll find it easier to be compassionate, truthful, kind and to tolerate one another.

  27. Thanks Histreasure. I totally agree, knowing God certainly makes it easier.

  28. Oh gosh! I always miss the giveaways....anyway sha, i'll stick to the hard copy


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