Friday, October 16, 2009

Expectations. (Poem)

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The things of the heart
Are not always as one expects
Thus you came into my heart
Out of the unexpected
At a time that my heart
Could have least expected
I may give you my heart
In hopeful expectation

If you give me your heart
As I very dearly expect
I will enter your heart
As you’ve been expecting
Then another your heart
Will cease to expect
We will become one heart
Just as we had expected


  1. I love short poems and this is one of short, very meaningful and to the point. Been a while, hope all is going great.

  2. awwww now i know why we are bday mates, Scorpios rock ....i love this....

  3. ..and have two hearts beat as doin nice with poems too gurl..

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  5. very concise and straight to the point! I like how you place emphasis on the word 'expect' and use it in various forms through out the poem to re-inforce the title.

    "we will become one heart/just as we expected"

    A strong ending there..very sweet

  6. i love the poem!
    and the story
    just read the last post
    having an aunt to talk about these things
    is kinda uncomfortable but sweet
    guys and the things they say
    when they are aroused
    am laughing at myself, i havent said aroused in a while
    i usually say horny
    but for some weird reason it looks wrong on ur blog! lol

  7. I love this poem !! It has a fantastic ending.. Great work

  8. "We become one heart ! Just as we had expected..." so cool...Xx bye

  9. I had to read this a few times to fully get it. Love it!!

  10. Thank you so much guys, I appreciate all the nice comments. I loved writing this poem and it's heartening to know you like it.

    Have a great weekend all.

  11. We will become one heart just as we expected....

    sigh..if only.

    beautifully written Myne

  12. Nice one ,all these your poem,how much u go sell am for me

  13. I will enter your heart...

    Wow. That's deep.

  14. hey
    its nice.

    someone please ask nigerian drama queen to invite me to her blog.
    i knew something was up when she did not blog for 3 months.

    anyone know her email addy?

  15. The reason why the poem "Expectations" works for me is because it is about confusion (in a good way) or at least about not understanding. It says so in the opening 2 lines "The things of the heart
    Are not always as one expects". Then the poet goes on to "run around" with wordplay on expectations. The whirlpool effect is what makes this poem work.

  16. Me likey...very simple and cute!

  17. I guess expectations are keys to unlocking higher things...

    ...brilliant. You are a fantastic writer!

  18. can i, can i, may i, may i.. "borrow" this .. of course with proper citation..

  19. lol...i love the use of the word expect.nice.

  20. Beautiful Myne! Just like you...I'm HIGH on your support and comments, and on your incredible writing talent!

    Thanks for being on my team, love.

  21. Thanks all,

    It was a lot of fun playing with words I could make from expect and fitting them into the poem.

    I really love your wonderful comments. And of course you can use with necessary citations...

  22. nice one!...hmmm i wonder who/what is ur inspiration for all these poems now n dayzzz...

  23. Good one. I like the flow of the poem. one line connects to the other and anyone can understand it. nice piece

  24. Thanks David, Blessing and naijagirl

  25. I had to reread the second part of that to make sure I got it all. I love the way you wove the idea of expectation through it all.


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