Friday, September 18, 2009

Definitions of love (Poem)

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Leggy said here that "if you dont have a definition for it...then it doesnt exist." I have some definitions and that means that for me love exists. Check them out.

Love is the connection of two hearts
When two people touch each other’s soul

Love is honesty and trust
With patience and understanding

Love is helping one another
When there is mutual respect

Love is walking hand in hand
To reach your dreams together

Love is forgiving the others wrongs
That differences may be worked out

Love is the absolute belief
That there is a happily ever after


  1. lol...nice not convinced but im glad its working out for you.

  2. Beautiful words..How i wish love doesnt hold so much pain on the other side as well..

  3. Love is the absolute belief
    That there is a happily ever after

    (with the thot of happy ever after, i would brave any pain)

    with me though, i just don't have the courage to accept love.

  4. @Leggy, of course you'll be first. I gave you a head start. :)

  5. @Lumidee, you're right. Love can be painful at times.

  6. @Tisha, sorry you're not first. I agree with you, it takes courage to accept love because it does take work to succeed and hurts as hell when it doesn't. But like they say, better to have loved and lost than not at all.

  7. comment for now!
    i like this though and i agree with tisha...

  8. To me love is this and so much MORE. Thumps up!

  9. there's no such thing as 'happy ever after'. i'm just saying.
    I don't stil bliv in love. i know it exist cuz i hear dt 4m pple.

  10. how do i do the link thing?i cant do it

  11. :):) interesting perception of love

  12. @Nice anon, thanks. As per love, yes oo e no dey finish and it's sometimes different from person to person.

    @Rene, If you say so, like some said on leggy's. you'll only know when it hits you with the right person.

    @Leggy, no worries. But in future, you can copy the web address from the browser you want to link, open your post update page and click on the add link Icon. Third from the left I think?

    @Tigeress, thanks. I just dey try. I wrote this sometime ago to help guide me when the ONE showed up.

  13. hmmm
    love is forgiving
    forgiving... ...
    so much to learn
    nice poem!

  14. Your definitions of love are good,but what is the opposite of love

  15. I utterly believe "That there is a happily ever after"...Nice poem, Myne!

  16. @Sweetness, Thanks, I agree that with love, we learn everyday.

    @Muyiwa, maybe you can share that with us?

    @aeedeeaee, Thanks dear. Is it just me or is your blog comment page not working?

  17. i'd like to believe the ultimate love story but am still experimenting ,so i do not know the real deal yet

  18. @Ttolla, you'll know with the right person, take your time.

  19. i so agree!!!!!

    and love is a million other things! Nice one here!

  20. Love is not for the faint at heart!
    I really like this poem. 2 thumbs ups dear.
    Hope all is well. Enjoy your week.

  21. I love it Myne; I knw love has it ugly moments too but this celebrates the beautiful love...!

  22. @Jabez, Lady A and 07, Thanks a bunches!

  23. Wow, I loved this! May we all experience this kind of Love. Amin.

  24. Hmmm. Nice one. All i can say is, Amen!!!

  25. Blessing.....
    I have only one thing to add...
    Love is Love.....

    nice piece.
    have a blessed day

  26. To love like this, is to truly be alive!


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