Controversy Trails 72 Year Old Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu’s Marriage to 22 Years Old Bride

Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu is one of the most prominent businessmen and politician from the South East. His wife, Eudora Iwuanyanwu died last couple of years in 2011, leaving him a widower. Last weekend, Chief Iwuanyanwu celebrated his marriage to 22 years old Frances Chinonyerem Enwerem in a traditional ceremony, with the church wedding to hold next week. Some say his children, most of them older than the new wife are not very happy about the marriage. RML says happy married life!

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  1. age is no fright when the chemistry is right. but is it? only time will tell.

  2. As long as the groom shall live abi?

  3. I hope she's not banking on his money? I'm sure he has tied it all up in the will to his children.

  4. Myne,I noticed you always write things like 72 years old man not 72 year old man and the latter is the correct way to write it.Just something I noticed and want to correct.

    1. Thanks for the correction, you're right. 'Years old' is for when there's no object.

    2. You are welcome.

  5. this chic no resemble any 22 yr old sha --- but then, why would Chief Iwuanyanwu wan marry again fa? Na my papa good friend oh. Chei.

    ...I dont like her outfit; should have done better.

  6. Iwuanyanwu is a cultist and will soon sacrifice this ugly irresponsible girl for his own stinking life. His dumb first daughter Nwadi is in London supposedly in London for treatment 'cos this dirty old man has betrayed his late wife. On the other hand, Eudorah (late wife) deserves this 'honor'. Her close friend's daughter is now married to her husband. I hope this man who is so ugly in both face and mind gets to confess his sins before he dies. 'Agadi na agwo ofe'

  7. lol..I am 22 and my dad is just 53..ha! this one go be my grandpapa mate oo..
    has to b for money..

  8. Dee Iwuanyanwu ihe kaa o wu gi? If it is this lady that i am looking at, she is not 22 abeg!

  9. If the lady is actually 22,though she looks older then she is of age. I think anybody that is up to 18 years is capable of taking decision. I wish them a happy married life.


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