Choose - Happiness, Money, Love, Health or Fame

So I saw this picture on Facebook and decided to share here. It asks, how would you rank happiness, money, love, health and fame in your life? Seems pretty simple, right?

I chose health, happiness, love, money, fame. But it wasn't an easy choice, and I'm still not sure I shouldn't re-arrange. I thought to put love first, but I am a fan of happy ever afters, and that's not possible without health. And surely that also means happiness must be present to feed the love?

Anyway, the picture got as many different itirations as the number of comments I got on the status update. Most people put fame last, except one friend who put fame before money. Another peace first.

What about you? How do you choose, and do you think something is missing?

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  1. I would out happy first. If im happy then imagine all those other factors have fallen in line...and even if they haven't, if i'm happy i must be satisfied.

    After happiness would be health, love, money and fame (i guess)

    1. Same here, Lady Ngo.


  2. wow! I will go for... health, money, love, happiness and fame.

  3. For me it has to be happiness,health,love,money and then fame.

  4. health, love,happiness,money, fame

  5. i would arrange it in the order you did.

  6. happiness, love, health, money, fame. Similar to most, but I'd want to have inner joy and peace (happiness) and be surrounded by my loved ones (love) even if I couldn't have good health, money or fame.

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  8. Health, happiness,love,money,and Fame. When you don't have a good health, you can't enjoy any of the rest...

  9. Being Loved means happiness, good health means happiness, Money means happiness.
    I dont know about fame. But as long as I am happy it means everything is in line

  10. Hmm health,love,happiness,money then fame.

  11. I'd say love, health, happiness, money, and then fame

    Sigh that was tough!!

  12. You have been tagged! Check it out via my blog. Enjoy the rest of the week.


  13. I say love, health, happiness, money and then fame.

    Without health and love, nothing

  14. Happiness, Love, Health, Money, Fame. *whew* Tough one.

  15. for me it will always be health,happiness,love,money&fame

  16. For me, it is Health, Love, happiness, Money and then Fame.

    Without health, you would not be happy, neither would you be able to enjoy all other 3. and Love is next, because love conquers all. With love, you are definately happy, without love...dunno

    Money is good too, would buy some things that makes you happy, and fame would definately be last , cos its depends on many other things.

  17. I went with love, health, happiness, money then fame. Fame can very easily take away all other four factors so i don't care much for it but love? True love makes everything alright. Not that i think we can eat love but the peace that love brings in the midst of trouble is something i wouldn't trade for anything

  18. I'd pick Health all day everyday. That would be enough.
    Easy choice. But if I had to, I'd rank them in this order - Health, happiness, love, money, fame

  19. I'd actually rate it the same way you did, health being the priority. One has to first be healthy (and alive) to achieve all else.

  20. Love first, everything else falls in place.


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