Jackpot! I'm a Mega Millions Winner!

I was among the millions of Americans who sat before their TVs and Radios last night, Mega Millions ticket in hand, and hoping to hear my numbers being called. While I was not among the three who will be sharing the $640 million jackpot, some of my numbers were actually chosen and I'm a big winner!

The three lucky winners in the historic jackpot are each expected to receive $213 million before taxes but I'm happy with what I'm getting, I'm a Dollar Millionaire! This is so amazing, you guys! A Thousand in March and a Million in April, wow! Now, what to do with the money. *Dancing Azonto...*

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  1. wait did u just say you won a million?

    ok thats huge

  2. Whoooozaaaaaaa!!!! A million dollars Myne. Ahhhh!!! What will u do with d money? Ok am coming back with some ..... No so many suggestions.. *winks*

    Big Congrats to U.

  3. I'm not buying this one bit! Not on April Fools day Myne, maybe tomorrow but not today. I almost didn't open this post sef :p ntooooor

  4. April Fools Day gag! Good one Myne.

  5. For real! Wait, Like seriously!!! Abeg noe Myne throw us a party now....... (blogsville i mean) Make we all join you dance the azonto. Hmmm......come to think of it, I think dosh maybe right, you playing pranks abi? Lol

  6. April's Fool written all over this one, Myne! How do you dance Azonto by the way?


  7. Myne, you won't kill me!!!!! APRIL FOOLS!!!! But umm if you did win, can you dhl me a cheque???? (Bats my Pretty Lashes)

  8. Myne my dear friend *clears throat* I would like to apologize for not keeping in touch. Ehen, seton u say happen?we win money? Lol
    Congrats love, truly happy for u.

  9. OH, I just checked my calendar, good luck on ur imaginary earnings! April fool!

  10. Hahahaha! I'm so not falling for this . . .
    Happy April Fool's Day

  11. Hmmmmm,not a word from Myne? This is an April fool'ڪ prank.

  12. Congratulations in advance Myne...if you can imagine it, you can achieve it.

  13. Go away jooo, April Fools!..:P

  14. Uhm... I'll come back again tomorrow and read this. I swore not to believe anything I read today

  15. Just because its April Fool's day today, I don't believe you. But congrats to your imaginary winnings :-)

  16. This is April Fool but you should have posted your blog today. Myne, that's cheating on April Fool. If you had won... You wouldn't tell anybody because everybody would want to be your friend by force. That's life!

  17. lol April fools still counting the number of friends who got married, engaged, had babies some even twins on facebook lol

  18. Haha. from your mouth to God's ears.
    I didnt even remember the jokes that go with April the 1st till later in the day.

  19. I really wish, but you all are right. It's an April Fools joke!

  20. lol...the "Nigerian" in you won't even let you make such an announcement public if it were true.

    Nice to dream big though!


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